Evolutionary biology and venomics
November 2023
May 2022

I was invited by Hessen Schafft Wissen for a live-instagram-video to discuss more on venoms and venomous animals. That was a first – but really fun. In German.

Oct 2021

I enjoyed I really enjoyed this podcast-interview to talk and to explain general, basic and some specific aspects on my research on venom evolution: Evolutionsbiologie: Tiere und ihr giftiges Wettrüsten.

May 2021

Since October 2020 the new EU COST Action European Venom Network (EUVEN) is funded for four years, happy to take some responsibility and steer the field of venomics with great colleagues. I am secondary proposer, management committee member for Germany and lead of working group 2 in which new methodological strategies in venomics are developed.

Jan 2021

Short broadcast in the WDR W wie Wissen documentary series on venom research on spiders I am involved in as supervisor/PI as coordinator in Animal Venomics (LOEWE TBG).

Aug 2020

Coverage on the the little studied ribbon worm venoms (Nemerteans)

Jul 2020

Press releases on the unknown venom of the native orb-weaver wasp spider Argiope

Sept 2019

Press release about parallel and complex venom evolution in centipedes.

July 2019

Press releases about the venom composition and toxin gene evolution of the hymenotperan hunting robber fly Dasypogon diadema using proteo-transcriptomics, genomics and synchrotron based big data analyses.

March 2019

Radiofeature in the BR where I discuss venoms as coordinator of Animal Venomics (LOEWE TBG) with other experts on venomous animals.

July 2018

Great coverage on robber fly biology and diversity including our research on their venoms.

January 2018

Finally, we published first data to describe venom evolution in robber flies.

August 2017

Perspectives on the first described venom from remipede crustaceans.

July 2017

Nice article about the cave diving and collection of the first venomous crustacean and the work on other neglected venomous invertebrates.

May 2017

• I organize a 3D reconstruction workshop in Leipzig (16.05. – 19.05.):
From synchrotron based µ-CT scans to 3D reconstructions and beyond

September 2014

Article about our work on the first venom description of blood worms (polychaetes).

November 2013

video | Dark Venoms: The first venomous crustacean, the underwater cave-dwelling remipedes. Small footage including photos and video clips from the cave diving trip to collect remipede crustaceans and the results of the venomics studies on this group.

September 2013

Some press and public articles about remipedes as first described venomous crustaceans. Quite a resonance.

Mar 2009