Evolutionary biology and venomics

• “Venom gene evolution in hymenopterans”, Gordon Research Conference, Portland, USA, Invited talk


• “Venom gene evolution in pancrustaceans”, Gordon Research Conference, Boulder Colorado, USA (declined due to paternal leave, Invited talk

2022 EUVEN Introductory Venomics Training School: “Transcriptomics (RNASeq) in venomics with genomic aspects of venom genes”, (2:10 h seminar, online). Link, 20th of September.


• “Pancrustacean phylogenomics & Evolutionary Venomics“. Seminar at Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution de Montpellier (ISEM), University of Montpellier, France. 28th of May.

“Pancrustacean venomics”. Public seminar via LOEWE Center for Translational Biodiversity Genomics, Frankfurt Senckenberg. Invited talk (online), 29th of June.


• “Origin and potential application of inhibitor cysteine knot peptides from venom of understudied invertebrates”, Invited talk, 26th Meeting of the French Society of Toxinology (SFET): Bioengieering of Toxins, 4.-5.12.2019, Institute Pasteur, Paris, France

Evolutionary venomics of pancrustaceans”. Invited talk, 112th conference of the German Zoological Society, Jena, Germany, 10.-14.09.2019

Comprehensive insights into the venom system and the genomic processes of toxin evolution in robber flies (Asilidae, Diptera)”. Venoms & Toxins, 6th international Meeting on Toxinology, Oxford, United Kingdom, 27.-29.08.2019

Evolutionary and applied venomics of pancrustaceans”. Entomology Congress (German Society of General and Applied Entomology, DGaaE), Halle, Germany, 11.-14.03.2019


Evolutionary venomics of neglected pancrustaceans”. Invited talk, Insecta, 2nd Symposium for Insect Biotechnology & Bioresources, Gießen, Germany, 5.-7.02.2018


• “Venomics of remipede crustaceans: revealing biological and methodological aspects of their toxin cocktails“. Invited talk, 24th Meeting of the French Society of Toxinology (SFET): Toxins: Biodiversity, Environment and Evolution, 7.-8.12.2017, Institute Pasteur, Paris, France

Toxin diversity and biology of neglected venomous species in the era of modern venomics“.
iDiv annual conference 2017, Leipzig, Germany, 19.09.2017.


Dark Venomics. Toxin evolution of the first venomous crustacean and other neglected venomous invertebrates“. Invited talk, iDiv seminar series, Max Planck Institure for Evolutionary Antropology lecture Hall, Leipzig, Germany, 23.11.2016. VideoConference-link here: https://webconf.vc.dfn.de/p4ljeij1edk/


Dark Venomics: transcriptomics, proteomics and morphology enlight the first venomous crustacean, cave dwelling Remipedia“. Invited talk, Congress of the International Society of Toxinology, Oxford University, United Kingdom, 30.09.2015.


The first venomous crustacean, Speleopnectes tulumensis (Remipedia) and its unique venom cocktail“.
Invited talk, Venom Day, Bangor University, United Kingdom, 16.11.2013.

Diving Deep for venomous crustaceans“. Nature live talks for public audience in the David Attenborough studio, Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom, 22.08.2013.

On the trail of the first venomous crustaceans: Transcriptome profiling and 3D reconstruction of venom glands of underwater cave dwelling Remipedia“. Invited talk to “venomics” session at the 2nd BioSyst Congress, Vienna, Austria, 18.-23.02.2013.

Pancrustacean phylogenomics: an ambiguous path to paddle. Invited talk to Department seminar talk at Queen Mary University, London, United Kingdom, 25.01.2013.


Pancrustacean phylogenomics: a closer inspection of potential and pitfalls. Invited talk to the Hennig Society Meeting Phylogenomics-Symposium, Riverside, California, USA, June 24- 30, 2012.


Pancrustacean and arthropod evolution using phylogenomic data – pitfalls and promises of transcriptomic data analyses. Invited talk to Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic. 14.12.2011.

Discovering the evolution of pancrustaceans within arthropods: prospects and pitfalls of molecular methods including phylogenomic data“. Invitated talk as keynote speaker, arthropod session: Deep Metazoan Phylogeny Congress, München, Germany 11.-14. October 2011.

Phylogenomic and evolutionary aspects of Pancrustacea and Remipedia -the hope and headache of “phylogenomics. Invited talk to 8th Biennal Meeting of the Systematics Association, Belfast, Ireland, 4th-8th of July 2011

Evolutionary aspects to Remipedia and Pancrustacea – the hope and headache of phylogenomic datav. Reumont, Misof. Invited talk to University of Greifswald, Zoologisches Kolloquium, Greifswald, Germany, 28.04.2011.

Phylogenomics – a hope but not the holy grail to enlight crustacean phylogenyv. Reumont, Misof,
Deutsche Crustaceologentagung, Regensburg Germany. 08.04.2011.

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